Exploring 500px

Navarjun Singh

Northeastern University | MFA(Information Design and Visualisation)

500px Community

I believe photographer's community on 500px is one of the best, if not the best on internet.
The community has maintained a great quality of content overtime. More than that it's very discussive and there is a lot to learn from what people share and blog about on the platform. 500px taught me how post-processing of the images is important in the age of Digital Cameras, since they don't capture true colors.

spot the cat 6 by Iwona Podlasińska on 500px.com

Data for the project

This project uses 500px API to explore photos on the platform. I particularly choose the photos that fall into "Yesterday" of 500px because these photos don't have the disadvantage of not being viewed by a number of people like "Fresh" section and they are not all "Popular" photos with great ratings. All these photos have been viewed a number of times and have wide range of "Pulse". It is done to make sure that data is as neutral as possible.

Image Details