A year of a bike

This project tries to explore the data of one randomly-choosen Hubway bike. The data contains all the trips from 2016 for just one bike. Everytime you refresh the page you will find a new randomly selected bike's data visualised.

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Municipality Exchange

Each arc in this arc-diagram is a representation of one trip taken by the bike. The height of the arc represents the duration of the trip, and beginning and ending points represent the municipality the bike went into.

This bike did

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trips in 2016

Bike Trips Timeline

The following line chart represents the timeline of the bike.
The x-axis at the bottom shows the week of the year. The y-axis on the left represents number of trips or duration depending on your selection.

Y axis:

Subscriber Casual

Overall Gender Comparison
Age Comparison


The code for this visualisation is publically available on github.

This visualisation is done by Navarjun.
Liuhuaying Yang helped with data interpretation of gender codes within the data. To know more about his other works or to get in touch, visit his website: navarjun.com